Okay, super huge and exciting news that I’m having a hard time controlling my excitement over. You’re probably thinking someone’s on the run or something based off my headline. But no, the only one on the run is me…TO THE BEYONCÉ AND JAY Z CONCERT. IN LOS ANGELES. AT THE ROSE BOWL. AUGUST 2. THATS WHERE I’LL BE. Excuse me, what? Beyoncé and Jay Z are going on tour together?! Talk about the greatest headlining duo to ever go on tour. If it isn’t obvious, I am a huge, huge, HUGE, Carter fambam fan. I love those beautiful, talented, and genius people. They’re the ultimate celebrity power couple and now they’re going on tour together. Could it get any more exciting? If you answered no, we’re on the same brainwave. I have been talking about this since they confirmed the rumor of a concert together two days ago. I actually think I’m a little over excited about this, but its Beyoncé, and Jay Z, its fine.

The magical duo start off their tour June 25 in Miami, Florida and proceed to perform in another 15 cities across North America. If only I lived in Florida…I envy the people that get to be there for the opening of the tour. I, of course, already bought my ticket. I couldn’t wait and risk missing the concert of a lifetime. The media is going crazy over the hip-hip husband and wife duo announcement, understandably, and twitter and facebook, as well as many other media forms, are blowing up about their the excitement the tour is bringing. In my opinion, they’re two of the most talented people in the music industry and both are ultimate show stopping performers. Safe to say I’m super excited about the concert and can’t wait for August. But hey, we all have things we get a little too excited over, I mean, it is Beyoncé and Jay Z. I just love and with good reason, its fine.