When I went out and interviewed three people about Obamacare, I noticed that all three people had somewhat of a similar take on the matter – it didn’t seem like any of them were against it at all and they all had no problem publicly discussing it. They all had fairly strong, positive opinions on the matter and none of them seemed displeased with anything it had to offer.

 Q1: As a student deciding to go out of state for college, what do you think is the better option? Getting covered by Obamacare in the state where they’re attending college or their permanent home state?

A1: As a college student who is out of state, I thought it was a better choice to have my issuance coverage be out here where I go to school. I’m going to be here for the majority of the time for the next few years (at least) so it makes more sense to have my coverage here.

A2: In my opinion it depends on what coverage is offered. If the coverage will count on and off campus then I think its worth having your coverage be in the same state as where you’re going to school but if not, then no, keep yourself covered in your permanent home.

A3: Getting insurance in the state where you’re going to the school makes more sense. I think it is easier if it’s in the state that you’re going to school in because it will take less time for the insurance to process. It also depends on the persons health, if they’re sick often its better to have the insurance local in case of any emergency.

 Q2: How do you feel about Obamacare benefits? What aspects of it are you pleased with and which aspects are you not pleased with?

A1: I’m pretty please with the benefits, I like that I can stay on my parents insurance until I’m 26 so it isn’t something I have to worry about while I’m in college. I haven’t read too much into it so as of right now there isn’t really anything I’m not pleased about.

A2: As I woman I’m really please with the Maternity care. It’s so nice not to have to worry about that. I also really appreciate the pediatric care as an expecting mother. The only thing that bothers me regarding Obamacare is that Childrens Health Insurance Program uses Federal and State funding when the economy is still trying to recover. That’s not helping the economy at all and that is a little frustrating.

A3: I’m very pleased with everything about Obamacare. I feel that it helps so many people and is extremely convenient. I honestly can’t say that there is anything that bothers me about it.

 Q3: Are you concerned about how Obamacare will affect you in the future?

A1: No particularly, but then again, I don’t know much about it being that I’m still on my parents insurance. I guess I’ll figure it out when the day comes that I have to figure all that stuff out myself.

A2: Personally, no I’m not too worried. So far Obamacare hasn’t given me a reason to be concerned. I have a lot of people in family that feel the complete opposite though. They think it is going to go downhill pretty quickly.

A3: I’m not worried at all. Obamacare is an amazing thing and until they give me any reason to worry (which I don’t imagine happening) I have nothing but faith Obamacare.